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Be ready for failure on stage: introducing the Speaker Buddy System

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I love ❤️ going to conferences, especially when I’m invited to speak there. Although I’ve been speaking at dozens of conferences and meetups over the past years, I still have impostor syndrome when it comes to speaking. Some people really seem to have a gift for public speaking, and sometimes I feel way out of my league. I do realize those experienced speakers have been practicing for years, and perhaps I’ll get there as well, practice makes perfect improvement! 💪

One year at Ably as a Developer Advocate

It has been one year since I’ve joined the DevRel team at Ably as Sr Developer Advocate. In this post I’ll highlight some things I’ve been working on and what I’ve learned in the past year. I’ll cover content creation, developer tooling, events, roadmap & predictability, communication & relationships, and finally ‘anything that could be improved’.

Ably DevRel team

Azfuncuni Http Lesson Typescript

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Http Lesson TypeScript

Hi serverless friends, we have a new Azure Functions University lesson for you! In this lesson we will learn how to use the HTTP trigger in Azure Functions written in TypeScript.

How I Got Started With Creative Coding

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I really enjoy coding. It think it’s because coding allows me to create something from nothing. That ‘something’ could be a useful feature for a client I work for, but it can also be something for me alone to enjoy. Sometimes the result of what I code doesn’t even do anything useful. It might something that I like looking at or listening to. That sort of coding is also known as creative coding. Here’s the Wikipedia definition:

Creative coding is a type of computer programming in which the goal is to create something expressive instead of functional. It is used to create live visuals for VJing, as well as creating visual art and design, entertainment, art installations, projections and projection mapping, sound art, advertising, product prototypes, and much more.

Source: Wikipedia

Durable Functions API - Writing Safe Orchestrations

Slide showing Writing Safe Orchestrations

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ServerlessDays Amsterdam, a personal post-mortem

My deskat the start of the conference.

It is now May 12th, four days after the ServerlessDays Amsterdam 2020 virtual conference. The conference was incredibly fun and slightly terrifying at the same time.

I had two roles during the conference; in the morning, I would do the hosting with Lian Li (who really has a talent for MC-ing), and during the entire day, I would be responsible for the technical part. In specific that means that I’d be calling in speakers & panelists into the Skype group call, and controlling the streaming software (OBS), switching scenes, configuring webcam sources, shared screens, names, and starting the prerecorded sessions.

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